A command line interface to perform transformations on treebanks such as binarization.

Usage: discodop treetransforms [input [output]] [options]

where input and output are treebanks; standard in/output is used if not given.

Main transformation options

The following transforms are applied in the order given on the command line.

 Add preterminals to terminals without a dedicated preterminal; labels will be of the form PARENT/terminal.
 Apply specific treebank transforms; available presets: negra, wsj, alpino, green2013ftb, km2003wsj, km2003simple, fraser2013tiger, lassy, lassy-func For details cf. source of discodop.treebanktransforms module.
 Undo specified transforms; specify transforms in original order.
--binarize Related options: [-h x] [-v x] [--factor=<left|right>] [...] Markovized binarization; also see –headrules and other options below.
 Related options: [-h x] [-v x] Binarization that minimizes LCFRS fan-out/complexity.
--unbinarize Restore original n-ary trees.
--splitdisc Related options: [--markorigin] Transform trees into continuous trees by splitting discontinuous nodes into several continuous nodes.
--mergedisc Reverse the node splitting operation.
--raisedisc Transform trees into continuous trees by attaching non-head discontinuous components higher in the tree. Not reversible. Requires use of --headrules.
--canonical Transform trees into continuous trees by re-ordering sentences. Not reversible.

Other options

 Input treebank format [default: export].
 Output treebank format [default: export]. Selecting the formats conll or mst invokes a dependency conversion and requires the use of heuristic head rules (--headrules), to ensure that all constituents have a child marked as head; labels are based on function tags (if any).
--fmt=x Shortcut to specify both input and output format.
--inputenc, --outputenc, --enc=<utf-8|iso-8859-1|…>
 Treebank encoding [default: utf-8].
--slice=<n:m> select a range of sentences from input starting with n, up to but not including m; as in Python, n or m can be left out or negative, and the first index is 0.
--renumber Replace sentence IDs with numbers starting from 1, padded with 8 spaces.
--sentid With ‘tokens’ or ‘wordpos’ output format, prefix lines with identifiers of the form ID|.
--maxlen=n only select sentences with up to n tokens.
‘remove’:remove any punctuation.
‘move’:re-attach punctuation to nearest constituent to minimize discontinuity.
‘restore’:attach punctuation under root node.
‘leave’:(default): leave syntactic labels as is,
‘remove’:strip away hyphen-separated function labels
‘add’:concatenate syntactic categories with functions,
‘replace’:replace syntactic labels w/grammatical functions.
‘no’ (default):use POS tags as preterminals
‘add’:concatenate morphological information to POS tags, e.g., DET/sg.def
‘replace’:use morphological information as preterminal label
‘between’:insert node with morphological information between POS tag and word, e.g., (DET (sg.def the))
‘no’ (default):do not use lemmas.
‘add’:concatenate lemmas to terminals, e.g., word/lemma
‘replace’:use lemma instead of terminals
‘between’:insert node with lemma between POS tag and word, e.g., (NN (man men))
--ensureroot=x add root node labeled x to trees if not already present.
--removeempty remove empty / -NONE- terminals.
 specify left- or right-factored binarization [default: right].
-h n horizontal markovization. default: infinite (all siblings)
-v n vertical markovization. default: 1 (immediate parent only)
--headrules=x turn on head finding; turns on head-outward binarization. reads rules from file x (e.g., “negra.headrules”).
--markhead include label of the head child in all auxiliary labels of binarization.
--direction mark direction when using head-outward binarization.
--labelfun=x x is a Python lambda function that takes a node and returns a label to be used for markovization purposes. For example, to get labels without state splits, pass this function: 'lambda n: n.label.split("^")[0]'
--leftunary make initial / final productions of binarized constituents
--rightunary … unary productions.
--tailmarker mark rightmost child (the head if headrules are applied), to avoid cyclic rules when --leftunary and --rightunary are used.


Binarize a treebank:

$ discodop treetransforms --binarize --fmt=bracket treebankExample.mrg /tmp/bintrees