A command line interface for parsing sentences with an existing grammar.

Usage: discodop parser [options] <grammar/> [input files]
or: discodop parser --simple [options] <rules> <lexicon> [input [output]]

grammar/ is a directory with a model produced by discodop runexp. When no filename is given, input is read from standard input and the results are written to standard output. Input should contain one sentence per line with space-delimited tokens. Output consists of bracketed trees in selected format. Files must be encoded in UTF-8.

General options

-x Input is one token per line, sentences separated by two newlines (like bitpar).
-b k Return the k-best parses instead of just 1.
--prob Print probabilities as well as parse trees.
--tags Tokens are of the form word/POS; give both to parser.
--sentid Sentences in input are prefixed by IDs, delimited by |.
 Format of output [default: discbracket].
--numproc=k Launch k processes, to exploit multiple cores.
--verbosity=x 0 <= x <= 4. Same effect as verbosity in parameter file.
--simple Parse with a single grammar and input file; similar interface to bitpar. The files rules and lexicon define a binarized grammar in bitpar or PLCFRS format.

Options for simple mode

-s x Use x as start symbol instead of default TOP.
--bt=file Apply backtransform table to recover TSG derivations.
--mpp=k By default, the output consists of derivations, with the most probable derivation (MPD) ranked highest. With a PTSG such as DOP, it is possible to aim for the most probable parse (MPP) instead, whose probability is the sum of any number of the k-best derivations.
 Objective function to maximize [default: mpd].
-m x Use x derivations to approximate objective functions; mpd and shortest require only 1.


To parse a single sentence:

$ echo 'Why did the chicken cross the road ?' | discodop parser en_ptb/

Tokenize and parse a text:

$ ucto -L en -n "CONRAD, Joseph - Lord Jim.txt" | discodop parser en_ptb/

Parse sentences from a treebank in bracketed format:

$ discodop treetransforms treebankExample.mrg --inputfmt=bracket --outputfmt=tokens | discodop parser en_ptb/