Command-line interfaces to modules.


grammar() Read off grammars from treebanks.
main() Expose command-line interfaces.
runexp([args]) Usage: discodop runexp <parameter file> [–rerun]
treedraw() Usage: discodop treedraw [<treebank>…] [options]
treetransforms() Treebank binarization and conversion.

Expose command-line interfaces.


Usage: discodop treedraw [<treebank>…] [options]

If no treebank is given, input is read from standard input; format is detected. Pipe the output through ‘less -R’ to preserve the colors.


Usage: discodop runexp <parameter file> [–rerun]

If a parameter file is given, an experiment is run. See the file sample.prm for an example parameter file. To repeat an experiment with an existing grammar, pass the option –rerun. The directory with the name of the parameter file without extension must exist in the current path; its results will be overwritten.


Treebank binarization and conversion. Usage: discodop treetransforms [input [output]] [options] where input and output are treebanks; standard in/output is used if not given.


Read off grammars from treebanks. Usage: discodop grammar <type> <input> <output> [options] or: discodop grammar param <parameter-file> <output-directory> or: discodop grammar info <rules-file> or: discodop grammar merge (rules|lexicon|fragments) <input1> <input2>… <output>